Republican school colonies. Spain, 1936-1939

Mis en avant

par Cristina Escrivá Moscardó

(contribution donnée lors du symposium organisé par l’ISCHE en 2012 à l’université de Genève)

Started the civil war in Spain in July 1936 and until its conclusion in April 1939, both the Government of the Republic as anti-fascist organizations, had the mission of saving children from increasingly more continuous bombing of open cities. Objectively, the work of seeking the welfare of children during the civil war was formidable. In addition to preserving the children of military aggressions, their training needs were met. One of the formulas used was through “The permanent school Colonies”, offered, in a pleasant environment, a dual purpose, on the one hand, educate and the other hand, protect children, the future of the country.

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